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Sacred Acoustics develops revolutionary brain entrainment audio meditations featuring layered combinations of:

  • digital harmonic frequencies - specially designed to entrain and enhance brain states
  • sacred instruments - bells, gongs, conch shells, crystal bowls
  • sounds from nature - wind, thunder, rain, dolphins, whales, birds, Schumann resonance
  • human voice - verbal guidance, chanting, toning

Listening to the recordings facilitates a quieting of the mind's chatter and a profound sense of presence, creating a foundation that inspires expanded inner awareness and access to non-local consciousness. Both beginning and experienced meditators alike report a deeper connection to their inner selves with the support of Sacred Acoustics recordings.

Our frequencies and sound effects are attuned to harmonics found in nature and at the sites of sacred structures. As you listen, the holographic sounds create a resonance that inspires inner journeys and reconnecting to the source.

Sleep Series:

Sacred Sleep - Deep Nighttime Rest
Designed for listening just before bedtime, low Theta tones modulate down to low Delta tones using earth's frequency, providing support to ease you into falling asleep and deeper rest all night. Included is a separate morning wake up track that modulates up to Beta tones (full waking awareness) over ten minutes.

Includes two tracks: 60 minute sleep and 10 minute wake up.

No verbal guidance.


Sacred Siesta - Power Nap
These sounds, based on earth's frequency, support rest and rejuvenation. Soothing ocean waves lure you into deep relaxation, starting with low Theta tones modulating down to low Delta tones, assisting you to further depths. It ends with a gentle sequence that guides you from low Delta tones to high Beta tones, supporting a return to more alert awareness.

Includes three lengths of naps: 30 minutes, 45 minutes and 60 minutes.

No verbal guidance.


Self-Guided Journey Series:

The Sacred Acoustics Foundation Series includes eight 45-minute lightly guided MP3 downloads or eight 39-minute recordings on a 4-CD set, Om, Earth, Blue and Portal. We also include identical recordings without verbal guidance. Together, these recordings lay the groundwork for attaining increasingly deep states of consciousness. Each recording can be used alone to access certain states of awareness for a sustained period. They are designed to be listened to in sequence, becoming comfortable at each stage, in order to become entrained to the different levels. Each recording builds on the previous, ultimately taking you on a journey through a spiral portal to a deep, profound state of consciousness.

Included in the Foundation Series:
1 – Om induces profound states of relaxation and a calm, centered awareness in the present moment.
2 – Earth supports the process of calming distracting thoughts and moving beyond the illusion of here and now into timelessness.
3 – Blue frequencies facilitate a purifying clearing of the mind, a cleansing that allows for stability as you move into alignment with your true nature.
4 – Portal includes a spiral vortex gateway that transports one's awareness to infinite consciousness. Portal is only available when purchased with the Foundation Series or after purchasing Om, Earth and Blue individually.

Foundation Series Forum


New Release:

Dr. Eben Alexander, author of Proof of Heaven, collaborates with Sacred Acoustics to develop tools to help people around the world reach transcendental levels of conscious awareness. This includes recordings which allow him to reconnect with realms accessed during his near-death experience.

Simon & Schuster has published Seeking Heaven: Sound Journeys into the Beyond, which consists of four half-hour Sacred Acoustics sound journeys, commentary by Dr. Alexander and instructional guidance from Karen Newell.


Online Course:

While in a near-fatal coma, Dr. Eben Alexander entered a realm of unconditional love and profound awareness of the nature of the universe, populated by angelic beings and a resonant, omnipotent and omniscient presence that he called “Om.” This radiant state of total acceptance of who we are, says Dr. Alexander, is our birthright, and we can tap into it from this earthly plane.

Now fully recovered and determined to share his experience with the world, Dr. Alexander offers this four-part online course, the first of its kind.

He has partnered with brainwave entrainment pioneers Sacred Acoustics to create an unprecedented program to guide you to a blissful brain state where you can seek out your own connection to source. Each session includes a live talk from Dr. Alexander on the insights he gained through his NDE, meditation instructions from Karen Newell, co-founder of Sacred Acoustics, and an exclusive download of a Sacred Acoustics audio meditation designed in collaboration with Dr. Alexander and enhanced by acoustic brainwave entrainment technology.

Online Course Forum

Course includes:

  • Four 90-minute Video Learning Sessions: each featuring a lecture related to consciousness by Dr. Alexander, followed by practice instruction from Karen Newell and 30 minutes of pre-recorded Q&A.

  • Four Exclusive Guided Meditations: 45-minute guided meditation downloads enhanced by brain entrainment audio frequencies and other sound effects, only available to participants in the course.

    This webinar is a more expanded version of Seeking Heaven: Sound Journeys into the Beyond. The meditation downloads are the same, but longer. The video commentary and instruction is similar, but more in depth.

    The four recordings are similar to the Foundation Series with a few differences. These recordings use different verbal guidance and sound effects related to the course content and inspired directly by Dr. Alexander's experience. This course does not include non-verbal tracks.
This course was originally presented in February 2012, replays are available on-demand.


Sacred sites were built intentionally at certain resonance and frequencies that are shown today to enhance transcendental states.

Sacred Acoustics creates audio meditations combining sacred instruments, sounds of nature, human vocals and digital harmonic frequencies to access similar states of consciousness.

Recovering ancient wisdom using modern tools connects us with the nature of our eternal souls.

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Binaural beats featured on The Dr. Oz Show on November 13, 2012.

I found the entire experience of Portal very relaxing and uplifting. Going through the sequence of Om, Earth, then Blue, then through the Portal made it a richer journey and was easy on my highly sensitive neurology. I look forward to using Portal to further explore as my mind and body become more familiar with the space on the other side.

— Kris R.

I wasn't sure the meditation OM [Foundation One] would work, but it's the best I've ever tried and would like to buy them all. This was the most peaceful, relaxing and profound meditation I have ever done.

— Penny A.

I would recommend your recordings and the class to anybody who is interested in growth. Fabulous is not a strong enough word. Thank you. I will use your meditations often and for as long as I get the privilege.

— Elizabeth S.